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PC Scoreboards Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe V1.0.4.crack _TOP_ed

Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe is a fully functional basketball scoreboard with clock, shot clock, scores, period, timeouts, fouls, and more. Also includes possession arrows and bonus indicators as well as team logos and player fouls. Great for use in gyms with a projector or TV. Easy to use click and type or Tab and type interface with great design. Very readable LED digits display the numbers of the game.Easy to use options allow you to customize every color and key as well as the home, visitor, and board names. Also allows you to change the home and visitor pictures, as well as the scoreboard picture. Allows you to switch between two types of digits for displaying numbers. Additional options allow you to change when bonus indicators light and the countdown time for the shot clock. New case insensitivity and num lock locking keep you from accidentally losing proper control of the scoreboard. Very discrete selection border around the active element of the scoreboard allows for easy keyboard control.

PC Scoreboards Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe v1.0.4.Cracked

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