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How to Download and Install the mu hobby dl wings & legendary File for MU Hobby

The expansion, Mu (Hobby) , is now live! The expansion is not for free, but the developers plan to add a large number of new features to the game which makes it an attractive entry point for a bunch of people. Until I figure out a way to play it, here's a little preview.

mu hobby dl wings legendary set.ZIP

Download Zip:

You are a skilled warrior in medieval times. Along with your fellow noblemen, you fought to regain the lost power of your village. To that end, you have developed a legion of increasingly powerful battle wings, and will join them in an epic showdown with the Duchy of Manheim.

Free to play in both North America and Europe. Ducal Wings - the means of your new rise. Powerful, and the only way to interact with their world. Rifts - fast, tactical battles, where you can run dungeons in order to get rewarded. Sorcery - some more interesting beasties lurking in the known universe. Travel - a network of interconnected grids. Use it to travel between grid locations to trade, gather resources, or go on missions.

Weapons have four types of Currency. Zen (Gold), Rift Fragments, Magic Gems and Guild Contribution points. Zen is the core currency used across the board. Rift Fragments come only from the Inter-dimensional Rifts (of which only 10 can be run a day) and can be used to purchase pet boxes, item boxes and enter places like the Labyrinth (which is where you level up your Artifacts, which I cover below). Magic gems are used to purchase Mounts, Costumes, Consumables, Resurrection Stones, Jewels of Bless (used for Enchanting), Wings and other core items. The cost of the weapons are roughly the same between classes but not by a fixed amount.


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