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Pageset Dll Vb6 Download _HOT_ Visual Basic 6

This article shows how to create a Visual Basic application that uses more than one concurrent task. On a 32-bit system, a single thread will be used to execute all tasks, but on a 64-bit system, multiple threads may be used.

Pageset Dll Vb6 Download Visual Basic 6

This article will help you solve the problem of code that is repeatedly used in multiple parts of a Visual Basic application. The solution is to create a Common Interface that defines the functionality that is needed, and then create an implementation of the common code in a library.

This article introduces the upcoming.NET 3.5 features. It discusses the basic objects in.NET, including custom exceptions, value types, and the new object-oriented programming features in.NET 3.5, including classes, constructors, events, inherits, polymorphism, interfaces, anonymous methods, LINQ, and dynamic arrays.

Learn how to make your Visual Basic 6 application run in the background. This article shows you how to create a Windows application that displays an icon and, when clicked, it performs a specific action. The application can display a progress dialog box and throw progress notifications for errors or information.

This article shows you how to create an Excel VB6 application. It walks through the basic logic and features of an Excel spreadsheet. It illustrates how to handle data validation, a styles section, and the spreadsheet object model.

There is one way to compile a free-standing executable in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop, and that is to use the /REGISTERCLR flag. You might be able to use the /REGISTER flag in previous versions of Visual Studio. This flag causes the compiler to generate an executable with dependencies on the.NET runtime, which in turn requires an available copy of the CLR on the system. In Visual Studio 2012, a free-standing executable that uses the /REGISTER flag must be run on a system that has the.NET Framework 4.5 installed.


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