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[S1E2] Threat Levels

Another terrorist attack raises the UK threat level to severe. Home secretary Julia Montague holds secret meetings with the Director General of the Security Service, freezing out the police Counter Terrorism Command and her own minister of state for counter terrorism.

[S1E2] Threat Levels


Cyber insider threats may arise due to both malicious acts and negligent security procedures. The abuse of access rights, digital theft of materials, and mishandling of physical devices can be associated with a variety of insider threats such as sabotage, theft, espionage, and fraud. Malicious outsiders, through the use of phishing and ransomware attacks, represent a growing threat to both private companies and government agencies. Logging, monitoring, and auditing of information system activities can lead to early discovery and mitigation of insider threats. User activity monitoring (UAM) on classified networks is a required component of insider threat programs for government agencies and cleared industry. The resources listed below may assist individuals and organizations to better recognize and protect against various cyber threats.

Other than the required annual training, what can I do to keep the Vigilance message fresh? Instilling a sense of vigilance in the general workforce is a basic tenet of establishing an insider threat program. Annual awareness training is a start, but the message can diminish over time. Developing a vigilance campaign for your organization is an effective solution. Deploying regular messaging, awareness, and communications materials ensures that the general workforce is prepared to recognize and respond to the insider threat. The campaign can also serve as an introduction to your Insider Threat Program ensuring that everyone knows whom to report to and feels comfortable doing so.

For more information about PERSEREC, please email For more information about The Threat Lab, please email CDSE provides links to PERSEREC and Threat Lab products to promote the applied use of research outcomes in the insider threat community.

Adversity is a fact of life. There are times when we all struggle with issues at home and work. For some, these periods of stress can increase risks associated with insider threats. Individuals may be more vulnerable to targeting and recruitment by foreign intelligence entities, and they may also be more likely to travel down the critical pathway towards negative events. Individual Resilience is that inexpressible quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back at least as strong as before. It helps individuals harden the target and develop behaviors, thoughts, and actions that promote personal wellbeing and mental health. Insider Threat programs promote personal resilience to mitigate risks associated with insider threats. Click on the links below to learn more.

Critical infrastructure comprises the assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof. Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21), Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, identifies 16 critical infrastructure sectors and designates responsibilities to associated federal sector-specific agencies. Insider threats to critical infrastructure pose heightened risk due to the dependencies and interdependencies that exist among the critical sectors.

These resources are designed to support International Military Student Officers (IMSO) and other faculty and staff at facilities or installations hosting International Military Students (IMS). The goal of providing these resources is to help IMSO and international military student officers, faculty and staff understand what an insider threat risk is, what behaviors to look for, who to notify if they feel an insider threat is possible, and how to react if an insider threat situation escalates.

Fraud is any activity that relies on deception in order to achieve a gain. Fraud becomes a crime when it is a knowing misrepresentation of the truth o concealment of material fact to induce another to act to his or her detriment. If an insider lies in order to deprive a person or organization of their money, property, or other resources, then they are committing fraud. Trusted insiders may pose a threat to their organization if they use their access to facilitate or commit fraud. Select the links below to learn more.

They had literally every conceivable environmental threat going on in the Ironbound community at the time. And lo and behold, the next thing that happened was the discovery of the highest levels of dioxin ever found anywhere in the world in the Ironbound on the plant site. So, there was literally pandemonium.

They sent around their experience to all of the manufacturers of Agent Orange in America at the time, which was Diamond Alkali, Dow, Monsanto, a number of, Hercules, and they described what they had to do from an outbreak of illness amongst their workers to prevent the formation of dioxin which greatly reduced the threat of illness to the workers. And they described controlling the temperature and the pressure when you made this product.

X: [Deep breath, sounds rattled] Okay. So. Day 10,304, hour 0553... Radiation levels normal, blah blah blah, all of that good stuff.The thing moving toward us -- it's not a meteor or an asteroid or an event or an anomaly or a ship or any of those other things I said it might be.

The helicopter arrives at the plant, and Legasov is horrified to see a blue glow emitting from the core and the roof covered in broken chunks of graphite. Scherbina, failing to comprehend the danger, orders the pilot to take them over the reactor for a better look, causing a terrified Legasov to yell that they'll all be dead in a week if they do so. While Scherbina threatens the pilot with being shot, Legasov tells him that it'd be a Mercy Kill compared to what the radiation would do to them, causing the pilot to reluctantly disobey Scherbina's order.

Immediately following Halloween, new ships appeared in Lion's Arch bearing a strange mark. The Consortium had arrived in the city and were advertising a new resort. Meanwhile, whales started beaching themselves on the shores of the city and rumors began to circle about sea monsters. Head Researcher Levvi arrived in Lion's Arch with her krewe and began researching strange readings signalling that something big was out in the ocean and incoming. She tried desperately to convince Captain Magnus of this, but unless something attacked Lion's Arch or threatened the trade, he would do nothing. Then the karka attacked and the Commander fought back, and provided samples to Levvi's krewe, until they drove the invaders away. Inspector Kiel was tasked with finding out who riled them up, while Levvi searched for a way to defeat them. Meanwhile, karka attacks continued in Garenhoff and Morgan's Spiral. Kiel's investigation utilized the Commander to discover links from wreckage on the beaches to the Consortium. After intimidating Levvi's ex-boyfriend at the Consortium Lion's Arch HQ and then Subdirector Noll at Hanto Trading Post in Caledon Forest, the Commander was led to Canach, a sylvari secondborn, in Garrenhoff who filled the Commander in and the Commander notified Kiel to take him into custody. Canach had been in charge of an expedition to an unknown and recently discovered island as part of a Consortium group. They were forbidden from interfering with the wildlife, but he saw a loophole in the plants. This aggravated the local creatures, and they tracked him down. Meanwhile, the Commander asked Miyani and Zommoros about the karka, finding out they're an old race who used to live in deep waters from ages ago, but seem to have been recently driven to the surface.The Commander was told to check with the aquatic races: the quaggan, the hylek, and the largos. After reminding her of the past, Pastkeeper Saballa gave a scroll that held their knowledge of the karka. Gukumatz helped create a powerful solvent using hylek alchemy, and Fahd al'Eshadhi provided a sample of the karka shell after the Commander proved themselves in combat. All of this was provided to Levvi for research.

Subdirector Noll was assigned to oversee the work of the refugees and the establishment of the Consortium's resort. With the help of his golem, Job-o-Tron, he berated and subjected the settlers continuously throughout the day. When arguments arose around the resort (which was common),[23] Noll used violent means to subdue and suppress the altercations. When signs of distress began to show, the subdirector was contacted by his superiors for 'confirmation of enthusiastic settler participation'. However when the unrest began to boil, Noll was directed by his superiors to immediately secure all refugee resettlement agreements and return them to the home office for safekeeping. Consortium management concluded that the contracts were under threat of destruction and vandalism. When the riots began to escalate to deaths of Consortium members, management expressed their extreme displeasure with Noll's handling of the 'resettlement operation'. In response, Noll was rejected passage off the island and directed to salvage what he can from their investment in the island resort.

In response to Canach's plan, Kiel gathered the contracts on the island to be sent to Lion's Arch. When the contracts were loaded onto the ship, Kiel set off a rigged explosion destroying all the contracts in the process. Kiel insists that the attack was Canach's doing however the settlers are now allowed off the island. The wildlife, still marked for the hot spots, are still a threat on the island. Until now there is no clear way to reverse the effects of the toxin, so the Lionguard sent the nobles off the island for their safety.

The main attraction of the festival is the effigy lighting ceremony. The ceremony is to represent the ferocious nature the races have shown against the Elder Dragons. Before the ceremony begins, the Commander receives a notification from an individual named 'E' claiming there is a threat to the council. The mysterious person(s) explain that they would intervene but circumstances prevent it. As the ceremony begins, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed introduced the three members of the Ship's Council that will be present for the effigy lighting; Captain Anne Reid, Captain Tokk, and Captain Theo Ashford. Magnus then asked the cultural representatives, members of the races who have lost their kin to the hands of the Elder Dragons, to hand over the memorials of their kin to the pyre so the lighting may begin. When all the items have been placed an unusual discharge of electrical energy ignites the pyre and explodes. The explosion injured the charr cultural representative, Garrot Ambercowl[30] and the three council members. The Lionguard were instantly on the scene, with Inspector Ellen Kiel at the helm. As Kiel and the Commander attempted to expel the chaos, a woman from the crowd volunteered to try to heal the wounded. As this was happening the three council members were placed in a dolyak cart and were sent to Fort Marriner for healing. During the attack, many cultural representatives fled the scene.[31] 041b061a72


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