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Slate Digital Fg X Mastering Processor Vst Osx

Year / Release Date: 12.2020Version: Slate DigitalDeveloper site: slatedigitalFormat: VST, AAXBit depth: 64bitTabletka: curedSystem requirements: Windows 8 or 10Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM

Slate Digital Fg X Mastering Processor Vst Osx

Description: Slate Digital FG-X is a mastering processor that gives the sound transparency and clarity. The revolutionary ITP transient analysis process allows loudness to be increased without distortion. In addition, the Slate Digital FG-X offers complete control over high-frequency saturation and has ultra-precise meters.

Rich Mastering processor is a cheap and easy solution for a good-sounding master or mix. This plugin will give you good results only by pressing buttons and turning up the boost knob. Nevertheless, if you want more versatility, you can use the expert mode to have more detailed parameters and overall control over your song. We suggest you use this plugin for really quick masters by itself or combined with compression or EQ mastering modules in order to get a better result.

FG-X by Slate digital will be your go-to if you are looking for a transparent yet punchy master. Additionally, you will also have access to many high-quality mixing and mastering plugins if you purchase the Slate membership. Finally, suppose you want to make your tracks sound good with the minimum effort. In that case, Mastersuite by Initial audio or Rich mastering plugin can be the best option for you.

Some of the top mastering engineers have found ways to combat this sonic degradation by using techniques other then Peak Limiting. One of the more popular techniques is the use of saturation in both the analog and digital domain. Another popular method is clipping the front end of expensive A/D converters.

The FG Dynamics plugin is a true mastering quality compressor meant to control the dynamics of your mix in the most transparent way possible, not to color it with digitally modeled harmonics or distortions. The FG Dynamics compressor assumes that you have used your favorite color or tone compressor to achieve the sound on your final mix. It is the job of the FG Dynamics compressor to maintain that quality, not alter it. The advanced dynamics algorithm is so transparent, youll wonder if its on!

In order to fine tune the FG-X Virtual Mastering Console, Slate Digital has had some of the top mastering engineers in the world help us test out the algorithms to ensure that they work in the finest and most accurate way possible. We are proud to say that the FG-X is the ultimate digital mastering solution, and will help you take your masters to new heights.


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