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"I didn't react to it as vehemently as I think everyone back home did," Khan says, "because I'm used to it. You know, my name is Khan, really. And I'm sent to the other side, which is OK. I don't make a big issue out of it."

Download 2 My Name Is Khan

hi shah rukh.i know that you wanna say are u a male or female?i am a female.and my name means a gift from allah.i am from is an amazing song and i love it alots.but sir,you cant and no muslim one can worshop to any one execept allah and no muslim one can love anyone more than Allah.ilove you and you are really the greatest actor ever and you are my idol sir.

The movie, My Name is Khan is an exceptional movie that addresses many aspects to our society in an urgent and informative way. As a Hindu, Indian- American woman I related to this movie and believe that many more people should watch it. I think that the movie addresses three important subjects: Hindu -Muslim relations, racial profiling and Autism Spectrum Disorder. First, I would like to review the ASD portrayal in the movie. I was assigned to watch this movie and class assignment for my psychology class PSY 450 (Autism Spectrum Disorders) at Drexel University. Throughout the course, we have been learning about the developmental disorder and everything that it entails. From what I saw the movie, it was portrayed pretty correctly. The main character Rizwan was sensitive to loud noises, hated hugs and the color yellow. Also, what I thought was amazing is that his ASD was the thing that got him towards his goal. As we all know, that autistic individuals often show perseverance when they have a goal in mind (and that is what got him to meet the president). I believe that the racial profiling in the movie was shown correctly. Unfortunately, after the 9/11 attacks many people of the Muslim faith (and brown people in general) were shown hatred. Many people changed their name, and stopped wearing hijabs. Hindu and Muslim relations was shown quite accurately in the movie. This is probably because it is a Bollywood movie made by Indians themselves. It was significant to have a Hindu woman and Muslim man get married in the movie.

I totally agree with Julia that the move is about khan with asparagus not a move about asparagus, we do understand that khan is not normal being while watching the movie. I noticed that khan takes all the words literally and focus all his power in making what he has been told to do; I think this is a significant reason why he is very smart. Khan has a very good memory as he memories history very well. He does not understand the common norms, when to flatter and when to tell the truth. He sometimes acts as if no one is around him, he does not sense the public opinion about what he does. I do not know if I can call this confidence or not. Khan gets very nervous when there are crowds and loud sounds around him. Such as when the train passes he cannot handle the train sound. I know that he probably hears it louder than the normal person would do, talking from an experience with a kid with asparagus around me.

That there may be incidents of equal importance in terms of number of people killed in other parts of the world -- Rwanda, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Syria -- does not matter as much for historians taking their cue from the West's lead to name and define.

Either they are terrorists or not. They cannot forget the 'T' word in the changed context. There is some unintentional irony in the Obama lookalike American president's remark when he addresses Rizwan by saying 'Your name is Khan and you are not a terrorist.'

The characterization of petrified wood provides valuable information about paleoclimatology and geological history and helps to reconstruct the past forest flora of different parts of the earth. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the anatomical characteristics of fossil wood of the Miocene age collected from the Manchar Formation exposed at Thano Bula Khan, Sindh, Pakistan. In order to carry out a detailed anatomical investigation, three-dimensional sections were prepared using a petrotome. The microscopic analysis allowed us to study vessel size and arrangement, wood parenchyma, fibers, and xylem rays. Based on the comparison between recent and fossil wood, we concluded that the investigated characters are comparable with those of the genus Atalantia Corrêa of the Rutaceae family. Therefore, it was named as Atalantioxylon thanobolensis sp. nov. with reference to the location of Thano Bula Khan from which the fossil wood was collected.

Chitalley and Shallon (1962) described a fossil wood from the Deccan near Nagpur; they placed their fossil wood in the family Rutaceae but from its photographs and text figures it does not appear to belong to this family. It also differs markedly from the fossil wood under investigation in the absence of terminal parenchyma and in having two types of xylem rays, short and long, made up of both heterogeneous procumbent cells and erect cell. The fossil wood of Atalantioxylon indicum from Madhya Pradesh in India was the first authentic record of a member of the Rutaceae in fossil state (Lakhanpal et al. 1978). The differences observed between the fossil wood under investigation and the previously reported fossil wood from India regard the size of vessels and slightly dissimilar parenchyma cells (Table 1). Hence, the studied fossil wood is assigned a new species name, viz. Atalantioxylon thanobolensis sp. nov.

Today, a tribe of exuberant, game-changing revolutionaries is storming, not the Bastille in Paris, but classrooms in America. Salman Khan is among the happiest and more attractive of these warriors. The One World Schoolhouse is his self-representation and a self-introduction to the world. It begins disarmingly, "My name is Sal Khan. I'm the founder and original faculty of the Khan Academy" (p. 1).


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