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Anime Clicker Simulator Infinite Rebirths !!INSTALL!!

Similar to most clicking-based simulators on Roblox, the main goal of Anime Clicker Simulator is to, you guessed it, click! Collect and equip tons of unique anime characters from various shows and manga and use them to boost your click speed, unlock new maps to explore, and more! Upgrade your anime companions to shinies to click, rebirth, and climb the leaderboards even faster!

Anime Clicker Simulator | Infinite Rebirths

In addition to purchasing new characters and worlds, you'll also be able to purchase rebirths. Although these will reduce your overall Click count, you'll find them to be extremely beneficial as they improve your Click rate with every click you make. Collect all the different anime characters available as you build up your Yen and Click balances, and challenge yourself to take down all the bosses the game has to offer in the hopes of becoming the ultimate anime fighter! 041b061a72


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