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See No Evil 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Horror Sequel

True, but then that's what movies are best at, creating new ways to disappoint the audience. Now, instead of a new character dying, it's that the film is just a comic relief. Someone just to get the laughs. It's really a shame for See No Evil, which should be the best one of the three.

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Before there was Night Trap, Richard Donner, the legendary film director that had just made Superman and Lethal Weapon back to back, had already created a hugely anticipated game based on the 80s era slasher movies, The Last House On The Left and Night Trap. In 1988, Donner was keen to follow up on his massive success by developing a new game. He chose to use his trademark cheesy visuals and pretty much everything about the idea was perfect. It had some great line up of actors, including Amy Irving and Brinke Stevens, but it also had a plot that wasn't too different from the Evil Dead films. By the time that the game was ready to be released, the brothers Sam and Todd Rundgren had already reached No.1 on the Billboard album chart with their new album of the same name, and it was no longer 'just a game'.

SEE NO EVIL was a pretty standard slasher movie when it came out back in 1987. It certainly wasn't the best movie of the genre. The film has a happy ending but not too much of a happy ending. There is a surprising amount of blood and gore though. Watching this movie feels so old and outdated now. However, the film is one of the most fun to watch and, despite it being so simplistic and cheesy, it holds up very well today. With it's regular cropping and an average run time of 110 minutes, SEE NO EVIL isn't very long. The good this movie is that it is fun and downright silly, the bad the fact that it is so predictable.


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