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Quantum Entanglement Mnf [NEW] Full Versionl

On-chip integration of single-photon detectors and reconfigurable optical circuits is a crucial step toward a fully scalable approach to quantum photonic technologies1. By confining light inside lithographically patterned waveguides, single photons can be actively routed2,3,4 and interfered5,6,7 in miniaturized reconfigurable optical networks, and their state can be read out with on-chip detectors8,9. Integration of these two key elements on a common platform enhances the scalability of quantum photonic devices by minimizing their footprint and eliminating the need for lossy interconnects between separated optical systems.

Quantum Entanglement Mnf Full Versionl


Although electrical crosstalk prevented us to show high-speed modulation at the full half-wave voltage of the EOM, this problem might be overcome in future experiments with appropriate improvements of our setup (see the discussion in Supplementary Note 2). Alternatively, for fast switching operations in the GHz regime, the length of the modulator can be increased in order to achieve a lower\(\,V_\rm\pi \). Thus, after complementing fast optical switches and single-photon detectors with ultra-low loss integrated optical delay lines55, our technology can also assist the development of universal quantum photonic processors by providing a powerful approach for the implementation of the spatial- and time- multiplexing schemes required for scalable linear optical quantum computing26, as well as the manipulation of photonic cluster states via single-photon detection measurements with active fast feedforward27. 350c69d7ab


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